December 1, 2009

Welcome to the SysAdvent Calendar 2009!

Hello, and on behalf of Jordan Sissel and the rest of the SysAdvent bloggers, welcome to the 2009 incarnation of the SysAdvent Calendar.

An advent calendar marks the days leading up to Christmas. Historically, each new day, a door was opened and a a small gift of some sort was hiding behind it. A few years ago, a Perl Advent Calendar was created which gave a present of a new bit of perl-related information each day. In 2008, Jordan Sissel decided that the sysadmin world needed an equivalent.

This is that equivalent. Each day through December 25th, you'll find a new sysadmin related blog entry written by Jordan or another member of the blogging community. Check back later tonight for the first entry.

Please spread the good word to your sysadmin or techie friends, and if you've got a blog, feel free to link here. In addition, if you're interested in contributing to the blog this year, we're still accepting entries. Drop me an email for details.

Enjoy, and have a great holiday season!


Matt Simmons, Jordan Sissel, and the rest of the SysAdvent Bloggers

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