December 22, 2010

Day 22 - DevOps: Where Are We Now (part 2)


This article is part two of a two part series by [Brandon Burton][solarce] which explores what [DevOps][devops] is and why it matters, where it has come since Brandon's article in July, and where you should be looking if you want to be involved.

Part two focuses on where DevOps has come since July and where you should be looking if you want to be involved.

What's happened since July

Back in July, I wrote an article entitled DevOps (and Reliam) and why it matters which covered the idea of CAMS, discussed briefly where Reliam sees DevOps fitting into its business, and highlighted a number of resources for following with growth of DevOps. Things have been very busy since then. There has been an explosion of blogs, articles, conferences, user groups, and online discussion about DevOps.

If you're still a little unsure what this DevOps thing is all about, I'd highly recommend you read or revisit the following URLs before digging into the rest of the content in this article.

Since DevOps is first and foremost about people, the most exciting goings on since July have been the meetups, conference talks, and videos people have been producing.

Meetups and Conferences

There have been a growing number of meetups, including

Additionally, we've seen DevOps Days conferences begin being organized, including

Some specific talks and videos

There have been DevOps related talks and videos occurring at meetups and other conferences, some of the ones I found excellent where

Blog Articles

There have been so many blog articles, but I'll try to highlight a few that I think are worth reading, probably twice.

I'm going to highlight all the articles in a series that Matthias Marschall (@mmarschall) just wrapped up, because they are all high quality and must reads (in my opinion)

Where to go next

So now that you've digested all the awesome DevOps content that's been cranked out since July, you're probably wondering where you should be looking so you can keep up on all the awesome content that's going to be produced in the future. I'm happy to share all the places I'm watching, which span your usual collection of blogs, podcasts, mailing lists, and Twitter.

Mailing Lists/Group Discussion

Twitter folks to Follow

And of course, you can follow the #devops hashtag on Twitter.

Blogs to Follow



In summary, DevOps has seen a lot of activity since July. There has been an explosion of blog posts, meetups, and conferences, particularly in the last couple of months. There are many places to be watching and hopefully you've been able to add a few to your list.

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